We'll help preserve your rights in a weapons charge.

A felony conviction can change your life forever.

In Florida, all violent crimes except a misdemeanor battery are felonies, and they are the most serious. Charges classified as violent include murder and attempted murder, kidnapping, burglary, aggravated battery/assault, child abuse, and robbery. If you are convicted of a felony, you could be incarcerated in state prison, lose your right to vote and own a firearm, and worst of all, find it difficult to find a job. With such serious consequences, it's important to hire an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will fight fo the best possible outcome and ensure your rights are preserved.

There are strict penalties for probation violators with a violent history.

Florida's new Anti-Murder Act imposes strict sanctions for felony probation violators wtih a history of violent crimes, including holding suspects without bail until the judge determines whether they post a danger to the community.

10 / 20 / Life for crimes involving firearms.

This law requires the judge to impose a 10-year prison sentence for anyone in actual possession of a firearm who is convicted for committing or attempting to commit a serious felony.

Three strikes law for prior convictions.

This law requires the judge to impose a mandatory minimum prison sentence according to the degree of the felony for suspects convicted of a violent crime for the third time, if certain criteria apply.

Free consultation to explain your rights.

During your free consultation with us, our experienced criminal attorneys will explain the potential penalties for your felony charges, your available options, such as negotiating a reduced charge, and how a close analysis of the evidence against you can be used in your defense.

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