Getting Started

When you retain The Fleming Law Group, our team of experienced criminal defense lawyers will take swift action on your behalf to try to prevent your arrest from turning into a conviction. Here are some ways we use the system to your advantage:

  • Pre-Filing Investigations

We act immediately to contact law enforcement and the State to avoid the filing of formal charges.

  • Pre-Trial Diversion Programs

Such programs enable you to postpone prosecution while undergoing treatment for substance abuse such as drugs or alcohol, mental health counseling and/or performing community service. Upon your succesful completion of an alcohol or drug intervention program, the criminal charges will be dismissed by the court.

  • Plea Bargaining

There are instances when your criminal defense lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor and the judge to reduce the severity of your sentence, allow you to avoid formal conviction, or extend the time you have to meet court-ordered financial obligations.

  • Having Your Record Sealed

You may qualify to have your criminal case sealed from the public or potential employers.

  • Withhold of Adjudication

This enables you to avoid a conviction of guilt on your record.

  • Filing a Plea In Absentia

If you live out of state or travel for business, we can help you avoid attending your court hearing by filing a plea on your behalf.

  • Trial

At The Fleming Law Group. we have the resources for a team of experienced trial attorneys to defend your case.

  • Appeal

If you are convicted, our criminal defense attorneys have the experience and ability to handle your appeal to obtain a reversal of your conviction or other post-conviction relief.


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