Recent Client Victories

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  • Miranda Rights Required Before Questioning

A 6th Circuit Court judge granted our client's motion to suppress statements made during a police interrogation.  The court concluded that the detectives were required to read our client his Miranda rights before questioning him while he was in custody.

  • Safe Driving Not Probable Cause of DUI

A Manatee County Court judge granted our client's motion to suppress and found that making wide turns and stopping a car length behind another car at a stop light did not amount to erratic driving.  Therefore, the police officer had no probable cause to stop our client for driving under the influence.

  • Stop Not Warranted

A judge in Pinellas County ruled that a police officer had no right to stop our client for making a wide right-hand turn.

  • DCF Rules That Pioneer Camp Counselor May Stay

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) granted our client'srequest for an exemption allowing him to remain at the camp he founded over 10 years ago. His exemption request was in response to a recent DCF investigation and notification that a 1994 drug conviction would disqualify him from working at the day and summer camp unless he obtained an exemption.

  • Sixth Circuit Reverses Judgment on Appeal

The 6th Circuit recently reversed a judgment and sentence against our client. The court held on appeal that our client had been coerced by police to admit to possessing mariguana, where the police came to his house and failed to inform him that he did not have to cooperate.

  • Court Dismisses Grand Theft Charge

A 6th Circuit judge dismissed the state's case against our client involving an allegedly unauthorized bank transfer. Since the bank was unable to determine who initiated the transfer and the state's witness failed to appear, the case was dismissed.

  • Not Guilty Jury Verdict on Domestic Battery Charge

Our client was found not guilty of domestic battery following a jury trial in Pinellas County after his wife denied the incident on the witness stand.

  • Not Guilty Jury Verdict on DUI Charge

A jury in Hillsborough County found our client not guilty following trial on a DUI charge. The client had refused to take a breath test as well as a field sobriety test.


These past results are not necessarily representative of results obtained by the lawyers.

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