What Sets Us Apart

At The Fleming Law Group, we make sure all of our clients know their rights, and our qualified, experienced attorneys will do everything they can to get you the specific kind of help you need.  That’s what sets us apart.

The Fleming Team Approach

As a client of The Fleming Law Group, you won’t just have one attorney representing you.  You’ll have a team of four experienced trial attorneys on your side—including former state prosecutors—with more than 30 years of combined experience.  We employ a team approach to representing clients in order to provide the most comprehensive, client-focused service possible.  By working together on your case, you can be confident that each attorney is entirely familiar with the status of your case and the issues involved—every step of the way.


Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you need assistance immediately, you can count on us to be there.  In addition, our team approach ensures a faster response time—instead of waiting for a specific attorney to call you back, you’ll be able to speak with whichever attorney is available to take the call.

Reputation and Resources

At The Fleming Law Group, we have the experience and resources to proceed to trial if necessary, as well as to handle appeals or seek other forms of post-conviction relief—and the state attorney’s office knows it.

Trial Experience.

A defendant’s success depends largely on his or her attorney’s reputation of taking cases to trial.  If a firm is not recognized as one that is prepared to take the case all the way to trial, it can significantly affect the prosecutor’s decision to amend or dismiss the charges. 

Appeals/Post-Conviction Relief.

 The direct appeal following a judgment and sentence is crucial, as it may be the only opportunity to have legal issues reviewed by a higher court. It is the appellate attorney’s responsibility to review the entire record of your trial, conduct legal research, and prepare written arguments.  In addition, the appellate attorney may analyze your case for possible post-conviction remedies such as ineffective assistance of counsel.  These issues can be complicated and may benefit from the assistance of experienced counsel.

Addiction Treatment Assistance

Navigating the legal system is challenging enough for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for someone suffering from an addiction and/or a mental disorder. Admission to a residential or outpatient treatment program may reduce your jail sentence or probation, but finding the right program can be complicated and overwhelming.  As such, recovering adults and teens, along with their families, need additional assistance.  We are extremely familiar with the various residential and outpatient treatment programs in the Tampa Bay area, and we will provide you with the resources to determine which treatment options are best for you and how to coordinate such  treatment with your court case.


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